BPE Arrow Fletcher

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BPE Arrow Fletcher


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The Alternative at an Affordable Price

Constructed of sturdy aluminum and nylon with many features found in more expensive products. Includes one clamp of choice.

Note: Nylon is unaffected by common fletching cements.

Fletches arrows straight, diagonally, or true helical with the helical clamp.

The clamp is graduated for easy fletching placement in relation to the nock.

The fletcher may be easily adjusted with the furnished wrench for 120° three fletch or 75° by 105° four fletch. Large easy-to-turn indexing knob with zero index position mark. Nock receiver may be rotated to any position for precise placement of your nock in relation to the fletching. It will even allow placement of the cock feather down if desired or allow adjustment for best fletching clearance on a particular bow.

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Right Helical, Left Helical, Straight


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