From design to packaging, we can make your product a reality.

Since Bob and Marian Finlay established BPE in 1969, the precision equipment housed in the Kansas-based facility has produced hundreds of thousands of items for a variety of companies. Find out how BPE can help with your plastics molding project.

Photo of aluminum mold. Photo © Leigh Henson 2013.Product Design

Not sure how to design your product? This part of the process can be the most challenging. Let our experienced staff members help with your product design or plastics molding project, even if you are just starting with an idea!

Photo of aluminum mold. Photo © Leigh Henson 2013.Mold Construction

Our molds are of the highest quality — many have continued to produce thousands of parts since the mid 1970s.

We can mold a wide range of products and materials from polypropylene to Ryton, Teflon-filled to magnetic materials — just ask!

We can also assemble products for you.

Equipment at BPE Inc. Photo © Leigh Henson 2013.Molding Equipment

At BPE Inc., we use a variety of Arburg machines and other equipment that allow us to keep prices affordable and production efficient. Photos and video available on equipment list page.

Drill bits and similar tools. Photo © Leigh Henson 2013.Tooling

Since our in-house tooling is specially designed for our molding machines, we have the ability to keep costs down and quality higher than other facilities.