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We can get your product or idea ready for production.

How can BPE help with product design?

Whether your design process is off-the-charts fantastic or lacking the momentum to even get started, we can help. Just have an idea at this point? Share your thoughts with us and we can get your idea ready for production.

Image of graph paper, ruler, and pencil.If you have prints, that’s great — we can convert your drawings into CAD / CAM files for you. We use the Mastercam software system. This system accepts a number of files, including PRO_E, CADL, DXF, ASCII, etc. Although we prefer to work from IGES wire frames with surfaces, we can use your own CAD / CAM files  as well.

We’ve been successfully making parts in this industry for over 40 years, so we have a few tricks to keep your costs down.

Depending on the design of your product, it may require core pulls.  A less complicated part (and, therefore, a less expensive mold) does not require core pulls; a part like this can be removed from the cavity by the ejector system with no outside aid.

A part with a core pull will have additional steps in the process, adding to the cost. Because we have a strong background in part design, we may be able to provide an alternate design that eliminates the use of core pulls.

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